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Leadership Connections is a leadership consultancy also offering HR training, large scale change, leadership safari and mentoring

Chris Henderson

As the principal and founder of Leadership Connections Ltd. Chris specialises in coaching and development for performance results.


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Supporting leaders to overcome their obstacles and develop themselves - through coaching and mentoring

Increasing the effectiveness of management teams through leadership team development

Identifying and improving leadership across the organisation through talent management and leadership development

Mobilising large groups for change through creating inspiring conferences and motivational speaking

Increasing the effectiveness of the Human Resources function through HR strategy and skills development


Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson has a powerful combination of roles both as a leader and in leadership development at Boots and Barclays.

BARCLAYS PLC 2003 to 2005

2003-2005 - HR Director – Barclaycard Business
Board member of Barclaycard’s business to business division with a turnover of 260m, profits of 85m and a headcount of 1,400. Created and delivered the first ever People Strategy for the business.

BOOTS PLC 1994 to 2003

2001 to 2003 - Head of Operations, Boots Health and Beauty Services
Opened and managed of 12 Health and Beauty Centres. Grew turnover to 10m in 2 years.

2001 to 2002 - Senior Leadership Development (project), Boots PLC Group Centre
Deputy Project Leader of the team that created an innovative programme for the Leadership Development of the top 200 managers in the Boots Group.

2000 to 2001 - Head of Training and Development, Boots Wellbeing Services
Developed a training strategy and team for a rapidly growing business with a turnover of 40m.

1999 to 2000 - Strategy Development Manager, Boots Healthcare International
Created and implemented of the strategic process for BHI (the branded goods arm of Boots with a turnover of over 300m). Aligned the board around the creation and communication of the strategy and communicated it worldwide.

1997 to 1999 - Director of HR, Boots Properties PLC
Delivered the transformation of Boots’ property division which has an annual turnover of circa 100m and assets of 850m. This ranged from redefining the strategy to restructuring and the new organisation around it’s new goals.

1994 to 1996 - Head of Estate Management, Boots Properties PLC
Asset managed Boot’s property portfolio of circa 850m. Delivered a culture change project transforming morale and dramatically increasing performance.


HILLIER PARKER 1989 to 1994

Various roles
Asset managed various shopping centres with values up to 250m and associated large operational teams.



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Leadership Connections

Leadership Connections is a leadership consultancy also offering HR training, large scale change, leadership safari and mentoring