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Leadership Connections is a leadership consultancy also offering HR training, large scale change, leadership safari and mentoring



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Diagnostic test - a simple, free 5 minute test for you to take in order to discover where the problems in your organisations may lie

Water for the world - the very reason and driving force behind our business

Africa mini-site - visit our special section dedicated to helping those less fortunate than ourselves in Africa

Supporting leaders to overcome their obstacles and develop themselves - through coaching and mentoring

Increasing the effectiveness of management teams through leadership team development

Identifying and improving leadership across the organisation through talent management and leadership development

Mobilising large groups for change through creating inspiring conferences and motivational speaking

Increasing the effectiveness of the Human Resources function through HR strategy and skills development



16PF - we use the 16 Personality Factors inventory for selection and development of individuals and teams. Leadership Connections are Accredited 16PF administrators and we use this approach to help organisations find suitable personnel

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry - using what works in an organisation to accelerate change. We are experts in Appreciative Inquiry and how to implement it, which means we can help develop areas of your organisation which aren't performing as well as others.

Balanced Scorecard

Use the Balanced Scorecard to create focus and improve teamworking. The Balanced Scorecard is a powerful tool for all leadership teams and helps Leadership Connections plan how best to achieve the results that will make a difference to your organisation

Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard can be used to create and manage strategy. The Balanced Scorecard also creates focus and develops teamworking and Leadership Connections uses the Balanced Scorecard to make a difference to your organisation

Conference Design

Good conference design can accelerate mobilise change. We use a range of conference design approaches for powerful and motivating events, which means that our conference design experience and contacts will help you achieve a professional and hassle-free conference

Culture Change

Culture change in organisations is often discussed and rarely successful. Leadership Connections can help you make the culture change you need to deliver high performance and a culture that people embrace

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is an important tool for leadership and development. We are experts in emotional intelligence approaches and use these to provide a fairer view of your people and their total contribution to your orginisation

Ethical Coaching and Mentoring

Ethical coaching and mentoring for the leadership development of your most important people while working on projects in the developing world, delivered by Leadership Connections, experts in ethical coaching and mentoring

Ethical Leadership Consultants

Ethical leadership consultants with both a strong set of values and who deliver results. We believe that leadership and ethics go hand in hand, so contact Leadership Connections to work with ethical leadership consultants

Ethical Leadership Development

Ethical leadership development through projects in the developing world. Change lives - and transform yourself and your leadership skills with an ethical leadership development programme from Leadership Connections

Ethical Personal Development

Ethical personal development through delivering projects in the developing world. Personal and leadership development that makes a difference! Delivered by Leadership Connections, experts in ethical personal development

Ethical Teambuilding

Ethical teambuilding through projects in the developing world. Make a difference to communities and transform your leadership team through ethical teambuilding delivered by Leadership Connections

Executive Mentoring

Need executive mentoring for your executives? Leadership Connections are experts in executive mentoring and the provision of executive mentoring services for business, executives, management and senior personnel.

Executive coaching

Executive Coaching from the experienced and skilled executive coaches. Executive coaching specialists Leadership Connections offers businesses, executives and senior personnel a range of executive coaching services

Free Leadership Resources

Free leadership resources, including free leadership diagnostic tests, lists, leadership strategies, leadership articles, newsletters and leadership quotes available from Leadership Connections, leading provider of free leadership resources

HR Business Partnering

HR business partnering is powerful but deceptively difficult. Develop your organisation's HR professionals for effective HR business partnering

HR Change Consultant

Increasing HR effectiveness is important to every organisation. Increase HR effectiveness through developing skills and knowledge. Ensure your HR / Personnel department maximises its contribution to your organisation

HR Change Consulting

HR change consultancy to help you transform your HR department. Our HR change consultants can help transform your HR performance by spotting your weaknesses, addressing them and ensuring that you know how best to implement solutions

HR Strategy Development

HR strategy development and implementation to improve your current HR strategy. An effective human resources strategy can lead to a happy, motivated and more productive workforce. Contact Leadership Connections for help with HR strategy development

Improving Leadership

Improving leadership to deliver leadership development and leadership performance. Leadership Connections offers leadership assessment and leadership development services for businesses, executives and senior management keen on improving leadership

Improving Leadership Teams

Improving leadership teams is vital in every organisation. Work with Leadership Connections, who have the necessary knowldge and experience of improving leadership teams to make yours a high performing team

Large Scale Change

Large scale change in organisations can create many problems with dire organisational consequences. Our large scale change experts can consult with you to create the best results, and with their experience, guide you through large scale change effectively

Leadership Assessment

Leadership capability assessment from Leadership Connections helps to identify and grow the capability of your leaders and their leadership skills for today and tomorrow

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring specialists Leadership Connections offer businesses, executives and senior personnel a range of Leadership Coaching and Leadership Mentoring services

Leadership Consultancy

Leadership consultancy Leadership Connections offers leadership consultancy, leadership coaching, large scale change, leadership development and leadership mentoring

Leadership Consultants

Leadership Consultants from Leadership Connections help you select, identify, develop and retain your leaders and improve leadership in your organisation. Our experienced leadership consultants help through assessment, coaching and leadership development

Leadership Consultants

Leadership Consultants from Leadership Connections help you select, identify, develop and retain your leaders and improve leadership in your organisation. Our experienced leadership consultants help through assessment, coaching and leadership development

Leadership Development

Leadership Connections specialises in leadership development for all types of organisations, businesses, executives and senior personnel, who will find that leadership development helps develop skills, knowledge and confidence when 'taking the lead' is important

Leadership Results

Leadership development that delivers results. Leadership training demands results and Leadership Connections promises to deliver leadership results for all clients

Leadership Talent Management

Leadership talent management to find, grow and retain your leaders of tomorrow. Leadership Connections offers leadership talent management for businesses of all types, who want to benefit from leadership talent management within their organisation

Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership team coaching to improve your leadership teams. We coach leadership teams and our leadership team coaching will enable your leadership team to perform and continue to improve


MBTI, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator builds self awareness and hels develop high performing teams. MBTI is the world's leading personality trait indictor as used by Leadership Connections to analyse members of dysfunctional, inefficient or new teams to indicate reasons for poor performance

Motivational Speaking

Motivational speaking plays an important part in mobilising your people for change. Use our experienced motivational speakers to generate a big impact, both through the preparation and delivery of motivational speeches

Performance Shift Coaching

Leadership Connections uses performance shift coaching to improve the performance of your leaders. Performance shift coaching is available for a set price and guarantees improvements worth much more than the cost.

Socially Responsible Leadership Development

Leadership development, coaching and teambuilding through socially responsible projects in the developing world. Socially responsible leadership development delivered through coaching, teambuilding, one-to-one mentoring


Teambuilding is the key to successful teams and organisations. Create high performance teams of all types through teambuilding - Leadership Connections offers many teambuilding activities and events, from normal in-house workshops to leadership safaris in Africa

Coaching Guide - How to choose and use coaching

Our guide to coaching explains what coaching is, the different applications where it can be used and how to get the best out of it. Specifically, it includes:


Leadership Connections

Leadership Connections is a leadership consultancy also offering HR training, large scale change, leadership safari and mentoring