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Leadership Connections is a leadership consultancy also offering HR training, large scale change, leadership safari and mentoring

Sample Itinerary


We have provided a sample itinerary for a trip of 12 people to help you get a better feel of just what exactly you can expect to encounter on your visit.


You can skip to a specific day by using the links on the right, or just scroll down to the bottom of the page to get a complete feel for the trip, including photos.


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Day 1 - Leave for Africa

Depending on the length of any delays or waits for connecting flights, we should arrive at our final airport  around 10 hours after leaving the UK. Depending on the community we are travelling to and the distance from the airport


Day 2 - Orientation

Your first say spent in Africa will be relaxing and will give you the chance to acclimatise to the conditions as well as to get briefed on what exactly we are trying to achieve. Any worries that participants have, either regarding the trip itself or about themselves or their organisations can be discussed confidentially so as to help create a better atmosphere within the group for the rest of the trip.

The projects we are going to get involved with will be explained along with what we will require from you on the trip, namely:


Day 3 - Meet the locals

The third day will be the most action packed yet! Waking up early to see the amazing Saharan sunset is an amazing experience and will be your best chance to experience it seeing as how much rest you will need for the following week!

We will travel by jeep to the community we are going to help and will meet some of the amazing people who live there. We will then begin our work, setting the foundations for the next week.

There will be plenty of opportunities to converse (depending on how well you can speak the local language...) and to take some amazing photographs like we did. This photo here was taken upon our arrival, we were really surprised to see how enthusiastic the locals were about having us in their community. Any worries about resentment we thought they might hold against us were quickly quashed.


Day 4 - First full day of work

Today begins the first full day of working on the project, having got to know the people you are going to help yesterday.


Day 5 - Another day of work

Waking early again to maximise working time outside of the midday heat. Below is a sample diary from a typical day.


Day 6 - Another day of work...

You should really be able to see the difference that your work is making by now, whether it be helping to lay pipes or any of our other possible projects.


Day 7 - Day trip

Around this stage in the trip, the work can get a little tiring and we feel you deserve a rest. This is why we will be operating a day trip to an interesting place in the surrounding area. This might be a large town or city, a stunning area of natural beauty or a trip to see what work a previous group we have taken have done and what a difference it is made.

Wherever we go, make sure you bring your camera as you will not want to forget the wonderful memories.


Day 8 - Back to work

Not long left now, but that's no reason to slack off! By now all of your party should be feeling better about themselves and with their abilities learnt. They will feel they are becoming better leaders, working more effectively in teams and feeling better about themselves in general.


Day 9 - Saying goodbye

It will seem like you've only been there a couple of days, but it is time to leave already! One last trip to the project site to finish things off and say goodbye to all of the people you have helped which can be a very emotional experience to see how much of an impact your teamwork and effort has brought to a needy community that wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Back to the residence and on to the airport at night.


Day 10 - Flight back home

Departing on a night flight, possibly via a few short connecting flights and you will be back with your families again in no time. Of course if 10 days wasn't enough for you we can always extend the trip to 14 or even 21 days.


Why not take a look at our Africa mini-site to get the full picture of what we can offer you here.


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Leadership Connections

Leadership Connections is a leadership consultancy also offering HR training, large scale change, leadership safari and mentoring