Ethical Personal Development

Ethical personal development through delivering projects in the developing world. Personal and leadership development that makes a difference! Delivered by Leadership Connections, experts in ethical personal development

An Amazing Experience


Why would you want to choose such a trip with us in Africa as opposed to the Lake District, Wales, or Scotland?

Maybe it's because of the stunning scenery, the amazing people, the chance to make a difference to those who really need it.

Or maybe you just want to get a nice tan.


Whatever your motivations for wanting to join us, it doesn't really matter because we are sure this is an experience you will never forget, which is what makes us want to go back every year.


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One-to-One Mentoring


Leadership Training


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Why not Contact Us if you are interested? We will be able to give you a rough quote and provide you with further information to help make your decision.

Supporting leaders to overcome their obstacles and develop themselves - through coaching and mentoring

Increasing the effectiveness of management teams through leadership team development

Identifying and improving leadership across the organisation through talent management and leadership development

Mobilising large groups for change through creating inspiring conferences and motivational speaking

Increasing the effectiveness of the Human Resources function through HR strategy and skills development


An Amazing Experience



Where else on Earth could you make such a profound difference to peoples' lives and yet still be contributing to the effectiveness of your organisation at the same?

The skills you will learn will put you in great stead for the rest of your career, but don't stop there. Such an experience can have far reaching effects through every part of your life.

Seeing how little it takes to live and still lead a happy and meaningful life can act as a watershed for many people who had previously felt that they had big problems themselves. Encountering these amazing people can be a great learning experience for both parties and will leave you with friends and memories forever.



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The easiest way to understand how we can help, and whether you feel that you could work with us, is to begin with a conversation.

We don't believe in a "hard sell" and often find that people get value out of the exploratory discussion - whether or not we go on to work together.

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