Leadership Assessment

Leadership capability assessment from Leadership Connections helps to identify and grow the capability of your leaders and their leadership skills for today and tomorrow

Leadership Capability Assessment

Your problems?

Have you ever made wrong selection decisions and subsequently had to count the cost?

Do you have difficulty getting reliable capability assessments for recruitment candidates?

Do you find difficulty in finding robust, objective assessment information on internal people and external candidates?

Would it help to increase the self awareness of key individuals for development purposes?

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Our solutions


We make sure that you choose the right people, identify the best roles and develop them to deliver.

We will advise you on the best approaches, give you high quality feedback and help use it to inform decisions and development.

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Supporting leaders to overcome their obstacles and develop themselves - through coaching and mentoring

Increasing the effectiveness of management teams through leadership team development

Identifying and improving leadership across the organisation through talent management and leadership development

Mobilising large groups for change through creating inspiring conferences and motivational speaking

Increasing the effectiveness of the Human Resources function through HR strategy and skills development


Leadership Capability Assessment - how it works

Psychometric testing uses a range of proven profiling questionnaires to supplement the usual selection approaches. The steps are:


Other benefits and consequences

Whilst they are not usually a focus of the work other outcomes can include:-


More on Leadership Capability Assessment?

Why not visit our extensive resources section which has a variety of articles, book reviews and information on leadership and coaching.


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