Leadership Connections

Leadership Connections is a leadership consultancy also offering HR training, large scale change, leadership safari and mentoring


We feel passionately about helping those who were unfortunate enough to be born into much less fortunate situations than our own.

Leadership Connections goal is to put a project on the ground in Africa every year. By working with us you can help change the lives of people in need. You can see an example of our projects here.

We also offer the opportunity to undertake transformational team, personal and leadership development through working on a project in the developing world. This can benefit your organisation, employees as well as changing lives in the communities you help.

Supporting leaders to overcome their obstacles and develop themselves - through coaching and mentoring

Increasing the effectiveness of management teams through leadership team development

Identifying and improving leadership across the organisation through talent management and leadership development

Mobilising large groups for change through creating inspiring conferences and motivational speaking

Increasing the effectiveness of the Human Resources function through HR strategy and skills development


How you can get involved


This venture may not be suitable for every organisation or every individual, as the work we complete will often be challenging and you will be away from your families for a number of days. However, even if you do not feel that you want to join us on a visit, there are many other ways you could help make a difference through us.

Joining us on the trip

Visit this page to learn more about the benefits to all parties if you decide that you want to participate directly in this venture. You can also see what we can offer on such a trip here.


Charitable donation

If you decide that you would like to donate any sum to us for use on such a trip, please enquire. You can rest assured that any donation will go 100% to this project, and be used to both lower the costs for prospective clients and thus encourage more participants, and to be able to offer more to the communities we help. This can be achieve by us bringing special equipment or expertise along with us and donating it to the community.


Offering direct assistance

Many companies or individuals may wish to help us, but cannot participate in any of the above ways, possibly due to accounting constraints or other commitments.

If you have special expertise or extensive knowledge regarding such a trip, and feel that you could offer this to us, please get in touch below.

Can you offer us any services or products, such as insurance, transport or accommodation? If so, we would really love to hear from you and would hope that we could create a partnership which could increase the benefits to those in need.


Further resources

Why Africa?

What we offer

A typical project itinerary

What makes us different

Benefits for your party

Guides to Africa

Gallery of previous trips

Enquire about a trip


Contact Us

If you feel you could help us in any way, please Contact Us, or better yet, phone us on 0115 956 1292 and let's see if we can work together to make a difference.


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Leadership Connections

Leadership Connections is a leadership consultancy also offering HR training, large scale change, leadership safari and mentoring